We help our clients achieve their dream without financial concern.

- Jacky Feng

Founder & CEO

We help our clients achieve their dream without financial concern.

- Jacky Feng

Founder & CEO

Why We Do

We want to help everyone to find the alternative source of income that is more stable and more sustainable than their jobs. So that they don’t have to:

– Be stuck at a job because they have no better choice

– Sacrifice health just for the money

– Work overtime just to cover the bills

– Run out of time to do what they actually care for

– Be concerned about quality of life after retirement

We can provide the solution, and help everyone to generate investment income that is safe, consistent and continues even after retirement.

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How We Do

AI Financial can achieve sustainable, stable, and profitable returns because of our investment philosophy, which is related to how to pick our investment targets.  

We believe that the development of the human race should be based on the correct values and views, the same for enterprises. The criterion for us to define the right companies is that whether they are creating more jobs or producing necessities of life, they must create social values and take on social responsibilities. 

We can find such companies because we share the same values. AI Financial believes that only by investing in such companies can help our clients truly make profits.

What We Do

We ensure our clients’ investment returns are sustainable, stable and profitable regardless how market fluctuates.

We work with our partners, large wealth management companies, to invest in valuable segregated funds. We have the capability to pick high return segregated funds, while our clients’ principals are protected. 

We can also apply for government endorsed low interest investment loans for our clients, so they can borrow to invest instead of their own money.

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