AiF insight | Core Mindset for Investment Success

Leave professional matters to professionals.

Everyone knows this.

But human stubbornness surpasses imagination.

Shareholders all try to advise Buffett, telling him how to invest and manage companies.

Buffett's perspective is: Against!

If you think you know better than professionals, then do it yourself, don't seek out professionals.

Choosing trust is a gap that humans cannot overcome.

And choosing trust is a gap that must be overcome for profitable investments.

Stick to the right mindset and don't be influenced by others.

So, there's only one stock god in this world: Buffett.

AiF chooses to trust Buffett. We always adhere to Buffett's value investment philosophy.

Therefore, AiF helps clients achieve a doubled investment return in five years.

Grateful for sages like Munger and Buffett, who point us in the right direction and navigate us on our journey forward.


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Ai Financial is a leading Canadian Fin-Techfund investmentservice provider. We leverage cutting-edge technology to adhere toValue Investing principles,aiming to drive reform in Canada's pension system and enable more people to live better lives through financial investment.

Ai Financial has a background in financial compliance and anti-money laundering (AML). Through collaborations with banks, funds, and insurance companies, we select fund products suitable for clients and managevarious investment accountssuch as TFSA and RRSP. Additionally, we assist clients in applying for unique CanadianInvestment Loan, facilitating early attainment of financial freedom.


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Ai Financial delivers consistent and stable investment returns to clients, achieving 10%+ annual compounded returns over the past decade.

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