NON-Registered accounts

What is Non-Registered Accounts

They are a general investment account where you can invest in a wide-rage of assets and are required to pay taxes annually on income generated by the account. Non-Registered Accounts is a good supplementary strategy when the registered account assets reach the limit.

Features of Non-Registered Accounts

1. Non-registered accounts are very flexible. There is no contribution and withdrawal limit. If your TFSA or RRSP reaches the upper limit, you can use a Non-Reg account, while you need to pay taxes annually on income.
2. Non-registered accounts can be used reasonably with other types of investment accounts.
3. If your assets are in Non-Registered Accounts, you do not need to transition to RRIF when reach 71 years old.




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2022.1.21 美股连续下跌第三周,即将转为熊市?

谈股论金_美股连续下跌第三周,即将转为熊市? | 20220121

本周美股只有4个交易日,走出了四连阴的下跌走势,这也是2022年年初以来美股连续下跌的第三周,道琼斯指数下跌-4.58%,S&P500指数下跌-5.75%, 纳斯达克100指数下跌了-7.51%,从技术面来看,美股已经到达或接近支撑位,那么是不是会跌破支撑转为熊市呢?

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